Tracy Schuh

I'm a web designer and full stack developer who enjoys building beautiful, user-friendly applications.

About Me

Hi, I'm Tracy. My path to web development was not a linear one. In fact, in my first life, I was an environmental scientist! Here is my journey.

I was first exposed to web design and development in 2010 when I was tasked with maintaining an events-based website for a professional networking group. I really enjoyed the duality of my role which allowed me to use my logical, problem-solving side to improve functionality and user experience but also my creative, artistic side to improve upon the aesthetic appeal of the website. It was empowering to do the behind-the-scenes design work, and a curiosity about web development was ignited.

I was a scientist for about 15 years when I sought out a path that would allow me to use both my logical and creative sides. I analyzed (and re-analyzed) the characteristics I wanted my new career to have, what I'm good at and how I envisioned my future. I evaluated many options but kept coming back to web development. It just fit.

I enrolled myself in an online certificate program to become a full stack developer and recently graduated. In my spare time I enjoy being outdoors doing anything active: paddle boarding, hiking, running and watching sunsets.








Web Developer Certificate
(University of California, Davis)

Bachelors of Science, Ecology
(University of California, San Diego)


Visual Studio Code



Core FTP

LT Browser


detail oriented, thorough

problem solver



enjoy learning new skills


Stand Up Paddle Boarding Club

This website is a demonstration of a member-based application that requires users to complete a signup form and then login to access the site. User information is securely stored in a small database. This website was born as a result of my newer found love of paddle boarding and is a work-in-progress.

• JavaScript • PHP • MySQL • HTML • CSS

sup club
number psychic

Number Psychic

This application accepts a user number and then my code quesses the number. A tally of guesses is provided so the user can see how many guesses it took to arrive at the correct answer. I love math and this was a fun project for me. I also enjoy CSS animations and created a 'burning' header to add to the magical effect of the application.

• JavaScript • HTML • CSS


This application consists of a stopwatch and countdown timer. Only one option can run at a time, so the user makes a selection and the appropriate time is dynamically updated. I included a fun sound at the end of the countdown timer so the user knows that time's up. I've also included an animated header for interest.

• JavaScript • HTML • CSS

big cats

The Endangered Big Cats

I built this static website as my first major project as a web developer. I became an environmental scientist because of these big cats, and this website is a tribute to them. It was important to me that I provide accurate information on this site, so I spent a lot of time doing research. I love color and chose a theme that compliments the natural environment.


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